Sunday, November 23, 2014

Workshop Schedule

2016 Upcoming workshops for Martinho:

April - May: Drawing course to be announced.

Angel Academy of Art, Florence
Portrait Painting from Life in the Old Master Tradition  March 21 to 27
Methods of Contemporary Portrait Painters June 15 to 26
September 5 - 9: Head drawing with Glenn Vilppu
The master comes back to northern Portugal to present a course will leave you with a solid body of information that you can use to develop your skill in drawing the head from life as well as from imagination. Beginning with lessons on planes, proportions and anatomy, including lectures on individual features, variations in age and ethnicity, followed by expressions and rendering, learn to capture or create an individual.
For more info Vilppu Academy
Sept 12 - 16: Techniques of Portrait Painting in Oil
Building on the work of Vilppu's class Martinho will teach students the steps used by painters working in the Old Master tradition.