Wednesday, March 5, 2008


For this first time ever I will be giving a workshop in my hometown Calgary, in addition to my yearly ones in Florence. Professor Gregory Scheckler from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts recently reviewed my workshops on his blog:

Calling all serious art students and art professionals: you can learn as much in a two-week intensive workshop as you can learn in most college art courses. Why? Your time and attention is focused on just one main goal, which you’ll work on carefully with expert feedback for about 60-80 hours in a row. As a student you aren’t distracted from painting by taking three or four other classes at the same time, plus you have the camaraderie of other students in the workshop who are as committed and interested in fine art as you are. A good workshop is the fine art painter’s heaven; a real chance to extend and improve one’s skills.

My colleague Martinho Correia notes that he is again offering workshops this summer in Florence, Italy and also in Calgary, Canada. Martinho’s an exceptional teacher with a great eye – an accomplished figurative painter and one of the lead instructors at the Angel Academy of Art. I can attest from my own experience taking Martinho’s workshops that they are extremely helpful, concrete, and well-planned.

Interested? For Calgary check here:

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emilebklein said...

Nice feedback Martinho, I hope you told that girl on the left to change the arm holding the tiger skin, whoa! It's going to be a great workshop you give and what a pleasure to teach in your own country!