Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Palette

I have been experimenting with a new restricted palette that gives results I like:

Titanium White ( Michael Harding) - I also like Cremnitz White but supplies are non existent these days.
Permanent Lemon Yellow (Maimeri) - a nice light, bright yellow which, when mixed with red, gives a nice highlight for skin colour.
Roman Ochre  (Zecchi) - A rich ochre that when mixed with red gives a beautiful flesh colour.
Cadmium Red Light (Windsor and Newton)  - A bright, light red.
Burnt Umber  (Old Holland) - A low chroma orange.
Raw Umber (Michael harding)  - A low chroma yellow/green, the greyest of colours before black.
Ivory Black (Old Holland) - A rich, cool black.
Ultramarine Blue (Old Holland) - works well as the blue on this palette. 

The above portrait of Conor was completed with this new palette.