Sunday, January 15, 2012

Resurrection of a Painting - Part Three

After deciding upon an image (see part two) and collecting reference I began the drawing for the final painting. I started with a harmonic armature within which I placed the figure and other elements. An armatures can help to create order amongst the various various elements and to the whole:

After transferring this to the canvas the wash drawing was begun:

The reference came from many different places. I took photos of my friend and student Juan Pablo:

Drew Struzen's Star Wars posters have wonderful renderings of light effects. They really are a modern interpretation of halos.  Illustrator Mike Sass uses similar effects on his art for the Star Wars game Knights of the Old Republic:

For sky, drapery and flag I looked to Titian:

I found this image of a lake in Alberta and used it as a source for the rocks at front:

For the clouds, Cagnacci's Assumption of Mary Magdalene:

The broken gates I borrowed from Casper David Friedrich:

The cross comes from San Filipo Neri church in Florence:

And the Hubble space telescope provided the cosmos:

Mix it all up and shake real hard:


The final painting is now in the private collection of His Eminence Mauro Cardinal Piacenza in Vatican City.


Kelly Borsheim said...

way cool, M!

Carnivore said...

Awesome, man!

Anonymous said...

Ama la tua pittura. E 'un capolavoro, Maestro Martinho.
Mi piace il blog, molto istruttiva. Si prega di tenere blogging.
Sei veramente un artista straordinario e un grande maestro.
Dio vi benedica!

- SL