Monday, January 6, 2014

Blood Pudding

While in high school in the 80's, my friends and I used to make Super 8 movies to keep ourselves busy outside of school. They were actually the brainchild of my best pal Paul, who had aspirations of being the next George Lucas. In the 90's Paul went on to a make some fine features but earlier, circa 1992, he had come across some black and white 8 mm film and had an idea for short he wanted me to star in.  I was, at the time, in my "artist" phase, sporting long hair and a beard, apparently the perfect look for the homeless lad whom this movie is about. So, using all our old high school pals and locations we had easy access to, we shot this little film over a couple weekends. Paul entered it in the 1st Annual Calgary Independent Film Festival and we got a nice review on the CBC, something about the film being 'a profound statement on modern life'. I won the best actor award.

Ladies and Gents, Blood Pudding.

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