Saturday, June 26, 2010

Building a Mural Part 2

In the first entry of this series I went through the steps I took to come up with an image of world peace. Once the sketch was approved I began photographing models.

With photos of all the models and various reference I refined the sketch into a more interesting drawing.

This sketch was scanned into the computer and using photoshop a number of colour studies were tried:

Double complimentary (orange with blue and red with green) colour scheme:

Triad (red, yellow, blue) with light background:

Triad (red, yellow, blue) with a near complimentary counterpoint (green-orange) and dark background:

This last version is the one that we choose to use. In the next entry I will show the painting and installation of the mural.

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emilebklein said...

go M man. nice to see you working!