Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Figures in Space 2

After one has spent a considerable amount of time practicing drawing the figure without a model (the old saying goes we all have 10 000 bad drawings in us which we have to get out), the next step is to place those figures in a convincing space.
The following images are taken from Andrew Loomis' book "Figure Drawing For All It's Worth" ( They are an excellent demonstration on how to put the figure into a drawn perspective space.

Leonardo da Vinci using one point perspective:

Examples of other artists placing figures in perspective:

Andrea Del Sarto







Buck said...
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Buck said...

Thank-you for these posts. They are very informative from an observers pt. of view as to how to look at a drawings/paintings. Keep up the good work my eyes are being trained. Again thank-you. (Had to delete same comment as I had made a spelling mistake.)

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